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Arctic Pharma AS is committed to developing innovative treatment for glycolytic cancers

The Warburg Effect

Glucose is the main source of energy for us (humans). It is metabolized into pyruvate during glycolysis, and is under normal oxygen levels channeled into mitochondria, the power plant of the cell. There, large amounts of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) are generated, which represents the energy currency of the cell.

When cells work without sufficient oxygen available, they redirect their metabolism towards the fermentation of glucose into lactic acid. This process is termed anaerobic glycolysis. Overproduction of lactic acid is something we can experience as “burning” muscles when we do for instance endurance sports. Many cancer cells generate their energy by fermentation of glucose to lactic acid, even when there is plenty of oxygen available. This phenomenon is known as the Warburg Effect or “aerobic glycolysis”.

Arctic Pharma is interested in studying and inhibiting the Warburg Effect. Our aim is to develop novel cancer therapies that will cause fewer side effects than current standard chemotherapies.

Our company is taking advantage of broad experience in early drug discovery. We combine the expertise of highly skilled personnel and partners with the utilization of modern technology to develop our potent compounds into clinical approvable anti-cancer drugs.